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Quilt guild of greater houston

Dedicated to promoting the Art of Quilting and providing an opportunity for sharing ideas and learning new techniques.
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 our journey-started in 1976

The Quilt Guild of Greater Houston (QGGH) is a 501©(3) non-profit organization passionately devoted to the art of quilting. Our vibrant community brings together over 200 enthusiastic quilters and quilt lovers, united by their shared passion for this timeless craft. And here’s the exciting part: you don’t need to be a seasoned quilter to join our guild—anyone with an appreciation for quilts is warmly welcomed!

Key Highlights:

  1. Founding and Growth: Established in 1976, QGGH began with a modest membership of 25 individuals. Over the years, our ranks have swelled to a peak of 470 members. We owe our success to the dedication of both locally and nationally renowned quilters who have graced our guild with their expertise.

  2. Diverse Activities: With such a robust membership, QGGH hosts a rich tapestry of events and activities. From bustling quilting bees across town to heartwarming charitable projects, workshops, and captivating demonstrations, there’s always something happening.  We offer both in-person and virtual Zoom meetings for our members. This dual approach ensures that everyone can engage, regardless of their location or circumstances.

    • Evening Meetings: These typically draw 90 to 100 attendees and feature captivating talks by nationally acclaimed guest speakers.
    • Morning Meetings: Here, around 75 members gather, often treated to hands-on demonstrations by well-known local quilters.
  3. Resource-Rich Library: QGGH boasts an extensive library, accessible to all members. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, technique guidance, or historical context, our collection of books and reference materials awaits your exploration. And the best part? It’s free of charge!

  4. Community Impact: Our guild extends its creative reach beyond our quilting circles. We actively contribute to the community through various projects, including:

    • Donated Quilts: These find their way to organizations like The Center for Abused Women, Camp for All, and the Star of Hope. Often, our lovingly crafted quilts are auctioned by charitable groups, such as the Ronald McDonald House, to raise funds for worthy causes.
    • Educational Outreach: QGGH volunteers enthusiastically staff the “Learn to Quilt” booth at the International Quilt Festival. Throughout the year, we also showcase quilting skills at events like the Katy Folk Life Festival, Chi Omega Kaleidoscope, and the George Ranch.
  5. Monthly Newsletter: Stay informed and inspired with our monthly newsletter, where we share updates, tips, and stories from the quilting world.

Meeting Details:

  • When: Third Tuesday evenings 7PM and third Friday mornings 10AM.
  • The Tuesday meeting is our Business Meeting and a speaker.  The Friday meeting is a Lecture only, no business is conducted.

  • Where: Congregation Brith Shalom, located at 4610 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401.

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or simply a quilt enthusiast, QGGH invites you to join our vibrant community. Let’s stitch together the threads of creativity and camaraderie!

Please join us!

past presidents





 1977 Diane Giles
 1978  V.J. Voyles 
 1979 Vera Moore
 1980 Jeanne Young
 1981 Libby Lehman
 1982 Katherine Fay-Smith
 1983 Claudia Wormuth
 1984 Lynn Young
 1985 Mary Woltz
 1986 Catherine Purifoy
 1987 Sarah Tanner
 1988 Candace Weiss

 1989 Gerry Wilkenson*
 1990  Liz Axford*
 1991 Connie Scheele
 1992 Mary McCuen
 1993 Anne Brooks
 1993 LaNell Neal
 1994 Alice Kish 
 1995 Vicki Mangum
 1996 Anne Kasten
 1997 Cheryl Moncrief*
 1998 Rachael Laiche
 1999 Jill Kershner
2000  Sydney Stilling
 2001  Martha Matiuk
 2002  Fran Urquhart
 2003  Lois Monroe
 2004  Amanda Schlatre
 2005  Teresa Dodson
 2006  Elaine Connelly*
 2007 Becky Muecke
 2008  Susan Carter
 2009  Susan Carter
 Francie Baxter
 2011  Linda Stokes
 2012 Barbara Jensen
 2013 Jane Plisga
 2014 Teresa Dodson
 2015 Janice Schindeler
 2016 Janice Shindeler
 2017 Elaine White
 2018 Susanne Purvis
 2019 Susan Penny
 2020 Mary Plail
 2021 Lois Cleveland
 2022 Meg Raatz
 2023 Sharon Kralj
 2024 Sharon Kralj

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